Top tips to make your Twitter bio sparkle!

Twitter has become a key talent acquisition tool for connecting job seekers with recruiters due to its ease of use and quick, direct communication. If you’re looking for a new working opportunity then you can’t afford to be without it. However, to get the most out of the platform, you need to fully understand how to utilise it, beginning with your bio… 

Let’s start from the top…

So, you’ve signed up for Twitter but you’re not attracting enough interest from recruiters, hiring managers and headhunters. Perhaps the answer is in the bio at the top of your profile? The bio is critical to you attracting new followers, so it’s worth investing some time in a professional bio as it could  help you land your dream job. 

Stay true to your brand

The most sacred rule when it comes to your personal brand is consistency. Ideally, your bio should be the same across all social media platforms, however, due to space constraints, this is not really possible, so the key is to be more concise. Two sentences describing who you are and what your USP is should suffice. As character space is of the essence, it’s essential that you get to the point straight away. Ensure that you include all keywords so you appear in search results. You should then list your specialties and achievements that set your brand apart from the crowd. For example, do you work with the general public? Then put ‘passionate about providing good customer service’. You should end your bio with a clear CTA, such as ‘contact me for further information’, or even list the ways Twitter users can reach out to you. As for what to avoid when attracting business from your Twitter, you should omit any references to your religious and political beliefs. Basically, keep it PC!

To conclude…

Keep it short – it’s only going to be scanned by a recruiter in a matter of seconds – and sweet (key information on who you are and what you do).

Twitter – a ten second guide:

  • Choose a username that an employer would want to tweet with
  • Use a professional picture
  • Fill in the micro biography – be precise – remember to include experience and achievements
  • Include a URL that links to your personal website, blog or LinkedIn profile
  • Use third party applications that will help you to auto-follow. We suggest Hootsuite or Buffer for starters
  • Follow potential employers to clue-up on their company culture
  • Separate work from play – no one wants to waste time on viral spam and clickbait
  • Oh, and most importantly, remember to tweet! Recruiters and hiring managers use Twitter in the same way you do; so don’t be shy when sharing your achievements
  • 140 characters not enough? Make sure your profile links to places where you have more info about you

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