How to find informed candidates

When searching for top talent, every recruiter prefers an informed candidate. Here’s how to spot one…

Definition: An informed candidate is a person who is engaged with your company from the beginning of the recruitment process, which increases the chances of them becoming the right fit for your company and exhibit a greater degree of productivity.

Employee referral

Employee referrals top the list as the key source of new talent for employees for a reason. Indeed, statistics from 2016 show 30% of all hires were a result of employee referrals, according to the Society of Human Resource Management. Employee referrals are reliable as they share the common goal in wanting to source a good candidate, and is often the case, referred candidates are often a lot better informed because they have an insider who can fill them in on company culture, the interview structure and the onboarding process. The added bonus of referred candidates is that they often have a higher retention rate, too – meaning your cost-per-hire dramatically decreases.

CV tailored to job description

High quality candidates will put thought in to their application and tailor their CV to fit the specific position. They will also provide an opening statement that’s aligned with the company’s vision and provide further evidence that they understand the nature of the role by using keywords and industry specific terminology. Having prior-understanding of the role saves time for both the candidate and employer.

Question time

Finally, a well-researched candidate will have an arsenal of questions to ask on interview. By asking informed questions it shows they have invested time getting to know the company on a deeper level. 

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