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Working in recruitment – your go-to guide

People are now recognised as one of the most valuable assets within any successful business. Companies know they must recruit the best talent in order to achieve the best results and maintain the best chance for commercial success. By becoming a recruitment consultant you take on the role of agent / broker of this valuable resource. The power is in your hands, here’s how to use it…

Commission is king

Recruitment is a dual-selling process. At all stages, it is your responsibility as a consultant to control the sales process for your candidates and clients; ensuring that you are making placements and earning yourself some good commission in the process. This ‘phone work’ is particularly important because as the industry moves at such a pace, the majority of your business will be carried out over the phone, with some face-to-face client meetings and both internal and external candidate meetings.

As a consultant you will be constantly gathering information and market intelligence by asking open questions to find out your client and candidate needs. This could involve:

  • Interviewing on the phone and face-to-face
  • Arranging interviews
  • Helping prepare and taking feedback
  • Managing and negotiating offers

Target market

Recruitment consultancy is a fantastically rewarding career both personally and financially but don’t be under any illusion – it’s not an easy ride! At Manning Global you will get out as much as you put in. You will have a direct influence over your progression and salary – not something a lot of industries can boast about, this will either excite or terrify you – hopefully the former!

Recruitment is a target-driven role. The targets may be daily, weekly or monthly and may consist of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and revenue generation targets (billings). These targets act as a tool to help you come to grips with the various tasks that make up your role. At Manning Global you will be monitored closely and given lots of support to ensure you achieve success. As you become more confident and have a better understanding of what the role entails, your targets will be more related to your commission or bonuses. Are you the sort of person who enjoys a challenge and will take advice from others on how to achieve your goals? If you want to do well, you are likely to put in the extra ground work required to be successful. It can be very satisfying working that little bit extra and seeing your paycheque grow as a result.

The art of multitasking

Managing the many components of the role can be very demanding. The are many things happening at once, which in itself can be stressful and tiring. Do you thrive on multitasking? When things are going well and you are making placements and taking home good commission it can be the best job in the world. However, sometimes things will not go your way. Your candidates may not take the jobs at the last minute or your client may decide not to recruit and this is frustrating. At times you may feel that you are not being successful when making new business and sales calls; you may speak to someone who is not receptive to what you have to say. You may feel at times that things are not going well. You must stay resilient.

What are the rewards?

At Manning Global, we give you the opportunity to work within a very social environment with like-minded, driven and confident individuals. As most of your salary will be based around generous, uncapped commission schemes there tends to be a direct correlation between the amount of work that you put in and the size of your paycheque. Recruitment offers the opportunity to learn both invaluable transferable skills and in-depth industry knowledge. Manning Global work across many industry sectors and we encourage our consultants to understand the complexities and dynamics of particular markets from a macro point of view whilst working with industry leaders. On that basis, you become a very valuable resource to your clients – hence why you will be called a consultant!

Quick recap: Good recruiters are people who are interested in meeting people and finding a connection. Remember, the key aim of recruiting is to help others reach their potential – putting the right people in the right places. Although, to do this, you need to adopt the dual-role of seller and match-maker – you need to know how to match up a potential recruit with a hiring manager and company. You will be happy communicating across several platforms; be it on social media, phone or the old fashioned way – in person. 

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