Living; Learning; Earning: we never tire for that perfect hire!

Dear MG Family,

“If you wait long enough to make dinner, everyone will just eat cereal.” Not just a great quote, but also the perfect analogy for the unprecedented times we currently work in. We’re all about progression in procurement, after all, no one wants to be eating cereal for dinner! 

Although the way we work has changed, our priorities certainly haven’t. This week’s message will address how we’re navigating the new norm and equipping our employees to succeed in a remote environment. 
Indeed, in this new work-from-home world, soft skills are becoming more important than ever in fostering engagement and productivity.  First, a definition: soft skills, aka employability skills, are a group of essential abilities that involve the development of a knowledge base, expertise level and mindset that is increasingly necessary for success in the modern workplace.  Quality employees are eager to learn new skills and take on greater responsibilities to further their careers. The key to achieving this is loyalty engagement. Engaged employees have a strong sense of purpose – they believe in their work and their organisation. A good teacher should inspire hope, ignite the imagination and install the love of learning. We understand that the way you organise your remote team, and yourself as a leader of it, matters most during times of crisis.

Recruiters, learning the technology that can help you and your team succeed when it comes to sourcing candidates is our number one priority. 

From weekly interactive sales workshop sessions with our Management, to top Team Leader tips where our Account Managers share their speciality (LinkedIn, searches, qualifications, key words, job descriptions etc.), we’re constantly looking for ways to educate and inform our employees about every aspect of their job. A sentiment echoed by our Operations Process Manager, Roland Erdei: “The better we utilise our resources and effectively communicate with one another – especially during remote working – the better our results will be.”

Speaking of resources, thanks to our HR Manager Aleksandra Wawrzyczek for sharing this webinar about leadership and management during COVID19. Communication and motivation is the key to teamwork making the dream work, as she summarises here:  

“You can never over-communicate as a leader; especially true during remote working. As you don’t physically see the person, you need to work even harder to share the message.”

Life and business are changing for us all, and we’ll continue to share the resources that we feel are most useful to our employees on a daily basis. 

Above all, recruitment is a people business and at the heart of every interview is a human. Now is the time for us to help one another and share our knowledge. Remember, recruiter + employer + candidate = the perfect procurement triangle.

Stay safe and stay global!

Rachael, Michel & Team MG. 

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