AI, AI, capt’n! New solution for digital ad campaigns’ just launched!

Croatian AI startup airt and tech company SeekandHit presented today via virtual event their joint solution for optimisation of digital advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google platforms. 

Advertising on the Facebook and Google networks, in order to be efficient, takes time. For advertising goals to be achieved, you need constant and continuous optimising of campaigns and their budgets. That entails daily results analyses, tweaking of parameters, and redistribution of the budget on those networks that are more efficient in reaching the goals. And, of course, all this requires timely reaction, which is on its own a huge challenge to those that manage many campaigns.

Namely, the way campaigns are currently set up is the following: the initial budget allocation on various channels is made based on some previous experience, and is then optimised (or better said, should be optimised) through regular manual tweaking of parameters.

For example, a campaign can have 20% of its budget allocated to search ads on Google, 40% on GDN (Google Display Network), and 40% on Facebook. Once the budget is split across the channels, each of them individually offers campaign automation and optimization within. In other words, you can set the total budget for a certain period of time, specify what it should be spent on – reach, or conversions such as website visits or product purchase – and then the system find the optimal strategy to maximize those results.

However, neither network will offer automatised budget allocation across the networks, for obvious business reasons – they are competitors. That means that such budget optimisation has to be done manually, which not only takes a lot of time, but is also prone to human errors.

Capt’ is the solution that enables cross-network campaign optimisation, as it automates the process of daily campaign analyses and budget optimisation. In order to disturb the way of working as little as possible, campaigns are initially set up as usually, and then connected to the Capt’ Their system then collects all historic campaign results, from all channels, makes their predictions, and adjusts the parameters and allocates the budget in order to get the best results possible.

On the one hand, their experience so far shows that Capt’ delivers up to 25% better results, compared to manual campaign optimisations. Also, time saved is almost 100%, as the tool replaces the daily manual parameter adjustment.

Another segment that saves time is reporting, especially in the marketing agencies. Namely, besides campaign management, the agencies also provide regular campaign reports – on a monthly basis or after they end – to their clients. Since those reports are made for each client, each brand, and each campaign (one brand can at the same time have, for example, both an awareness and sales campaigns), many hours are spent on data ‘extraction’ from the systems. Capt’ also enables (part) automation of the reporting, which in return saves a lot of time, especially in larger advertising agencies.

Capt’ is the result of cooperation of the AI startup airt and the tech company SeekandHit, specialised in digital advertising and custom-made martech, data and analytics solutions. Aware of all the campaign management’ requirements and demands, they decided to join forces to simplify the process and level it up: SeekandHit is in charge of app development and its integration with the ad platforms, while airt is developing the AI engine that enables budget predictions and allocations.

All those in digital advertising are invited to try it out. AI, AI, capt’n! 

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