MrConnectivity’s top three job search tips

Finding your chosen career needn’t be a chore – here’s James Williams, aka MrConnectivity’s top three job search tips for securing the perfect role…

  1. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential employer Do your research, use any contacts you may have. Try to establish exactly what it is they want you to do for them. A role description is only half of it. Employers are increasingly interested in what you can do for their business right now and not what you were doing five, ten or even 20 years ago
  2. Go back to basics In this day and age where the smartphone is king and chat apps prevail, so many interactions are being dragged online. In many ways, the ability to speak with and to people face-to-face is being lost. Don’t be one of those people. For sure, embrace technology but keep those interpersonal skills fresh and on point
  3. People’s time is getting stretched further and further So responding rapidly to any follow-up requests and engaging with potential employers in the channel they appear to feel most comfortable with is becoming even more important

Summarising, don’t ignore the obvious. At the end of the day, no matter the channel, people still buy from people – including your services! 

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