What a DAM fine Conference!

Thursday 15th November 2018 saw the MG marketing team get hyped up, psyched up and ready for some hot AI action – with a sprinkling of digital marketing, too! – at DAMconf in Zagreb. Here’s the story of the day: from the first shot of espresso to the final slide of the keynote speaker – via some interesting interviews in between!

About the conference…

Based in the heart of the Croatian capital, Zagreb, and celebrating its fifth year, DAMconf is the place where you can find the most relevant players and decision-makers of regional marketing. Marketing managers of major brands and CEOs of prominent regional companies gather to learn the latest digital trends, and most importantly… network! 

Those DAM numbers…

  • 750 visitors 
  • 42 speakers and panelists
  • 20 talks and panels
  • Marketing meets the magical unicorn
  • Computers beware! Humans are coming


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