5 reasons why mind beats machine when it comes to recruiting!

Artificial intelligence may be the hottest trending topic in recruitment right now but it’ll never beat the human touch. Here’s five reasons why…


Human recruiters take time to build relationships with their candidates, offering their opinion and expertise and building trust, while a computer’s lack of human judgement capabilities overlooks cultural fit. As for emphasising with a job seeker… when’s the last time your computer paid you a compliment? Exactly. 


Algorithms of key skills and experience are all well and good, but where’s the trust, persuasion and sprinkling of recruiter fairy dust to get your candidate over the line and seal the deal? With computers it’s all in the box, while the magic of the human mind is the capability to think outside the box, even in the most challenging of situations. 


Finding CVs? Acting on instructions? A computer is the perfect accomplice… if you simply want a box ticker. But can it perform the dual-role of consultant and chief ego-massager when managing a client’s expectations, or broaden the job spec criteria to find the right hire at a minute’s notice? Answers on an email…

Pride, passion and people skills!

AI is mechanical and based on data and analytics – it can never plan a person’s career path and offer essential advice based on past experience. 

Make the perfect cuppa

‘Nuff said. 

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