Top 5 Manning Global Moments of 2023!

What an amazing year of award-winning, celebration and teamwork 2023 was for Manning Global! As we kick back and bid farewell to the whirlwind that was 2023, it’s time to take a leisurely stroll down MG memory lane and relive the top five moments that made this year truly exceptional!

1. Big Huawei Win in Paris! 🏆

Manning Global, scored big in Paris, winning the Partner of the Year Award for Huawei WEU (Europe)!  This prestigious recognition not only underscores our 16-year collaboration with Huawei but serves as a celebration of the collective efforts of the entire Manning Global team. Rachael Manning, our  Founder and CEO, aptly captured the sentiment, declaring it not just an award but a testament to the indomitable ‘Winning Team’ spirit that defines Manning Global

2. A Decade of Excellence in Croatia: Manning Global Celebrates 10 Years! 🎉

Amidst the stunning backdrop of Zagreb, Croatia, we raised our glasses to a decade of triumphs and milestones! The 10th anniversary celebration of Manning Global Croatia was a testament to the unwavering commitment and hard work of our colleagues. Surrounded by fine food, divine wine, and the picturesque Croatian landscape, we marked this milestone with gratitude and camaraderie

3. Oktoberfest: Team Building 2023! 🍻

From the vibrant streets of Timisoara and Zagreb to the heart of Munich, Manning Global’s Oktoberfest was a journey of joy and unity. Embracing the ‘Work hard, party harder’ mantra, our team created memories that resonated with the dynamic culture of Manning Global. The Wunderbar spirit was alive and well as #TheWinningTeam strengthened its bonds during this unforgettable team-building event

4. New Website, Same Service! 💙💚

We gave our online home a makeover with the brand-new! The sleek design, cutting-edge technology, and user-friendly interface represent our commitment to providing top-tier staffing and recruitment solutions. The website’s modern aesthetic reflects the global nature of our operations, reinforcing Manning Global’s position as a trailblazer in the industry. New look. Same quality service!

5. LinkedIn Milestone: 100,000 +  Followers! 🎊

A massive virtual high-five to our LinkedIn family! Crossing the 100,000 followers mark isn’t just a number – it’s a tribute to the vibrant community we’ve built together. Thanks for the love, engagement, and enthusiasm. You make our LinkedIn journey as thrilling as the moments we share on this platform!

As the curtains close on this remarkable year, we’re packing up the life lessons and cherished memories! Here’s to the collective achievements and the exciting journey that lies ahead. Thank you for being a part of Manning Global’s extraordinary 2023! 🎉

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