Manning global awarded the Partner of the Year Award for Huawei WEU (Europe)

On Wednesday 16th November 2023 Manning Global was awarded the Partner of the Year Award for Huawei WEU (Europe) in Paris!

Our Founder and CEO Rachael Manning had this to say of the award:

🗣️This is a big award for Manning Global! It’s well-deserved and a tribute to all who contribute towards the success of our company across all departments.

We have worked with Huawei since 2007. We are proud of our 16 years of collaboration – starting with their first ever project in Germany – to now working globally, with a major focus on the WEU region.

A huge pat on the back to all in Manning Global who have provided a tremendous service to Huawei! Special mention to our Managers: Jo, Tamara and Zuni.

This is teamwork at its very best! With this award we have continued with our motto for Manning Global: ‘The Winning Team‘ – which is exactly what we are proving to be!

Finally, we are honoured and very thankful to have such a long collaboration with Huawei. We are especially thankful for such an award and their global recognition. Here’s to many more years of successful collaboration to come!”

📍 Paris Convention Center, France! 🇫🇷

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