Skilling me Softly! How to make your LinkedIn profile sparkle

LinkedIn is the primary tool that recruiters use for candidate sourcing – therefore, it’s important that your profile is reflective of your skills and relevant personal attributes! Here’s some handy tips on how to achieve this! 

Firstly, pick a good photo that you want recruiters to see!

Remember that your LinkedIn profile is your professional profile and not your Facebook or Instagram profile! Leave the ‘alternative’ looking profile photos for Facebook! Therefore you should use a photo that is clear and well lit.

Add a headline

Ensure you write a nice headline that grabs the attention of the profile viewer.

Update your work experience

Always keep your work experience details up to date. You can also mention the projects that you have worked on as this will give the profile viewer more insights into your skill set.

Reclaim your URL!

Custom URLs are easier to read and remember than URLs with random characters in them. This is easy to achieve: simply go to your profile and click on ‘Edit public profile & URL’. On the next page, click on ‘Edit public profile URL’ and claim a URL that’s easy to remember – and user friendly!

Update your skills

Enumerate your skill set and add them to your LinkedIn profile as this helps recruiters find you easily by skill set!

Ask for recommendations

Recommendations are a great tool for validating your skill set. The more recommendations you have from credible peers and managers, the more value your profile will have!

Increase your network

LinkedIn is a great platform to professionally connect with a lot of people who work in your area, at all levels. Leverage this opportunity, create connections, interact – you never know where this may lead!

Looking for a new job? Here’s one more tip! 

If you are on the lookout for a job, update your career interests in the ‘Jobs’ page. This will help LinkedIn to give you better recommendations for any jobs you may be interested in! Also, and this goes without saying, you need to follow Manning Global on LinkedIn for the latest worldwide positions in IT, Marketing, Tech and Telecoms!

Congratulations! You now have a complete and attractive LinkedIn profile!

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