Candidate Crib Sheet: 7 essential questions YOU should be asking in an interview

The closing questions you ask at an interview are only part of the process you can control – so it’s essential you make the most of it! Through your questions, you’ll be able to signal your level of knowledge of the role, the amount of time you prepared for the interview (researching the company, duties of the role etc.) and your interest in the opportunity. Here are seven essential questions you should be asking…

  1. Why does this opportunity exist?
  2. What is the team structure and who would I be reporting to?
  3. What resources (training, mentoring etc.) exist to help someone to fulfil their potential in this position?
  4. If I were to be in this role, what might I have accomplished over the course of a year that would cause you to judge that I was excelling?
  5. What is the average tenure of others in the team?
  6. When you think about the last three people who left the team, where did they go and what were their reasons for leaving?
  7. What are the biggest obstacles facing the team in its mission today?

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