‘Why should I hire you?’ How to give the perfect answer!

Possibly the most common interview question, and arguably the most important, it will serve you well as a candidate to go in to an interview well-prepared for this question.

The aim of this question is to highlight your strengths and demonstrate why you’re the perfect hire.

However, to ensure your potential employer really knows what you bring to the table and why they should employ you over other candidates, you need to do your prep!

Here’s some key pointers to ensure you make the right impression and seal the deal!

First things first – familiarise yourself with both the company and the role: In order to be able to tell prospective employers how you will give value to their company, you have to know what they need. Ensure you’re clear on what the role requires and list the skills and training you have that meet these requirements. Also, familiarise yourself with their company culture and how it differentiates itself from other organisations in the same industry.

Next step – know your own strengths and how you can apply them to the position: Once you understand the role, you can begin to plan how to present your own experience and qualifications in a way that shows how you will add value to the company. For this you need to demonstrate…

the thing that makes you unique: Industry connections, courses, qualifications, special skills? Now’s the time to really sell yourself!

Finally, practice a confident answer – but keep it succinct:

All of the above advice will prepare you to give a great answer, however, it’s important to practice saying the answer aloud, making sure that you will be able to present your strengths and unique talents concisely.

Use friends – or even a mirror – to practice in front of until your pitch is perfect!

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