Why WhatsApp could be the future of recruiting…

Here’s some of the new WhatsApp features that make the messenger app the perfect tool for recruiting!

Just last month saw the launch of the new WhatsApp business app. Looking remarkably similar to the Facebook business page – not a great surprise considering FB owns WA too! – the new app gives businesses a chance to respond to enquiries from the comfort of their smartphone.

WhatsApp is already a platform many candidates are familiar with, and with more Millennials preferring to text rather than call, it makes it the ideal app for recruitment. Especially as we know how tough it can be to get candidates to speak openly in the phone! Although the app is currently only available on Android, there are plans to roll out to iOS very soon.

Here’s a quick guide to the key features and how recruiters may be able to benefit from them when fulfilling their hiring quota…

Send WA message’ CTA button on FB

If you’re paying to boost a post about a role, FB now gives you the opportunity to include ‘send WhatsApp message’. The CTA button can be found at the foot of your post. Simply align with the WA phone number of the recruiter managing the role and candidates will be able to enquire with the click of a button. The ease of replying from a candidate’s point of view makes it the perfect hiring tool.

Video calling

More personal than a regular phone call, video calls can cut down the time and cost associated with recruiting by allowing Hiring Managers to pre-screen candidates rather than spending time in a face-to-face interview.

WA group community chat

There are a number of specialised public WA groups spanning all number of industries. To join in, all you need is a chat.whatsapp link. You can either be sent the link by an existing member of the group, or you can google them. For example, ‘WhatsApp group for IT Manager’, or whichever industry / role you’re interested in recruiting for, and see what comes up. These groups are great for gaining valuable insights into specialist markets.


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