How to write the perfect job advert headline

Did you know? 80% of people will read your content headline but only 20% will click through and read your content. This makes the job advert title so important – it’s the key to engaging with your audience from the very start of the recruitment process. Here’s some key pointers for keeping your candidate hooked from the very first line…

How to achieve more click for your rate?

Clue: it’s in the headline!

Here’s the three key ingredients every good job advert headline needs:

  • Type of role
  • Seniority of the role
  • Something unique about the role

To help you fulfil the above criteria, you need to think about your ideal candidate; who they are, what they’re looking for and why they should apply for the role. But remember to be clear and concise – don’t write misleading or sensationalist headlines just for extra clicks.

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