Engaging with Generation Z to Optimise the Recruitment Process

Efficiency isn’t just measured by how quickly something is achieved. An optimal recruitment process, in graduate recruitment terms, should determine the scope and calibre of candidates. A successful recruitment strategy should deliver beyond the parameters of application, assessment and hiring. This can be achieved in three simple steps…

Step one: expand your horizons beyond entry requirements

For example, when it comes to your Job description (JD) consider your initial entry requirements: is the most essential element a candidate’s degree? Or should you prioritise the candidate’s resilience and eagerness to learn? Although such skills and general work attitude are more difficult to quantify, by placing greater significance on these qualifiers over grades you will expand your talent pool, therefore reaching a higher number of quality candidates.

Step two: engage with candidates

It is important to communicate with candidates both before and after the job offer. Talented graduates are likely to receive multiple job offers, so if they do not feel any ‘brand loyalty’ towards your company, they could easily decline the job offer.

Next, it’s time to assess the candidate’s skillset. This shouldn’t just be a ‘recruitment process’, but a ‘recruitment progression’ that sees the graduate improving their skills whilst on your watch, i.e nurturing professional development. A good way to meet these aims are by introducing insight / assessment days consisting of multiple tasks geared towards specific soft skills – like problem solving or team building.

Step three: ensure all JDs are clear

All of the above becomes irrelevant if the job role is not clearly stated. Over 71% of the respondents to Milkround’s annual graduate survey admitted they had been left confused by a JD at least once. The most cited issues include JDs being too short and not offering sufficient information in terms of moving forward with an application.

Quickfire hints & tips for attracting top Gen Z talent:

  • Tailor information about your company to something that can be consumed on the move – Gen Z are busy people
  • Good communication – Essential, due to the amount of channels available on social media
  • Entrepreneurial spirit – They grew up seeing men like Zuckerberg make billions, so they want to know they can iterate and experiment

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