Three things to consider before making your next career move in 2023!

Guest author Novemberschild offers some essential advice for those looking to make their next career move in 2023!

The money 💶

Don’t take jobs for the sake of more cash, first, sit down and do the math! You should possess a robust grasp of your finances or you’ll end up stressed all the time, unable to do a good job at your new work and fighting monetary problems. 

The lifestyle 🚶‍♂️

How do you wish to commute to and from work; can you drive, walk or cycle? What time can you be at work and what time will you be leaving? These are all important things to contemplate as they have a direct effect on the time you will get to spend with your family. 

The work setting 👩‍💻

The importance of the working environment mustn’t be overlooked when applying for a new role. The setting impacts on the job satisfaction: what are the dimensions of the new office? What’s the company culture? Be sure to raise these queries with the hiring manager before accepting the role. 

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