MG Meets Team Croatia 

Welcome to the vibrant world of Team Croatia! Get ready to be inspired by the incredible members who make our team shine bright! Let’s dive into the wisdom they share…

Meet Davor Molnar, our First Talent Acquisition Manager, as he unveils the key qualities for success at Manning Global:

🗣️ “I believe that the most important qualities are patience and flexibility. Our tasks and demands are changing from day to day and you have to be flexible about adapting yourself to every new situation. Sometimes it’s easy, and other times it can present a big challenge to overcome.”

Fun fact: Before his career in recruitment, Davor’s first job at 11 was in his parents’ grocery shop, teaching him early lessons in adaptability and patience.

Now, meet Tamara Rajic, our Head of Sales, sharing five tips to thrive:

🗣️ “You must be professional, proactive, adaptable and respectful with high motivation to succeed. This is a job for you if you see yourself in an international environment and you seek a role in which you can instantly see the cause and effect of hard work which brings results and ultimately rewards you in terms of promotion and commission.”

Fun Fact: Tamara effortlessly speaks three languages, adding an extra layer of global connectivity to our team. 

Finally, let’s gain insights from Roberta Pavlicek, our HR & Business Specialist, on thriving while working remotely:

🗣️  “Find the most comfortable place to work and take care of your back! Oh, and don’t forget about people and relationships! Keep the communication going. If there’s something you’re not sure of, call your colleague – it’s better to hear their voice if you need to brainstorm through a problem or share ideas!I have actually started to work out since we became remote and have lost 10kg in weight so far! “

Fun Fact: Roberta sings in a gospel choir, sharing joyful music inspired by the love of God. 


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