Meet Team MG! 

Manning Global’s Talent Acquisition & Senior Business Managers are here to help you find your dream job! Whether it’s in IT, Tech, Marketing or Software Engineering – we have great experience identifying candidates who align with our client’s vision and can contribute to its success! Indeed, networking is our superpower! At Manning Global, we’re not just offering you a job; we’re inviting you to be part of something amazing!

Here’s five ways we achieve this…

1) Foster Strong Candidate Relationships 🗣

Building meaningful relationships with candidates is key. We take the time to understand their goals, motivations, and aspirations.

2) Champion Diversity and Inclusion 😀

We always embrace the power of diversity and recognize the benefits it brings to innovation, creativity, and problem-solving within team.

3) Emphasize Skill Development 📈

We identify candidates who possess the potential for growth; showcasing how the role will enable them to acquire new skills, expand their knowledge, and advance their careers!

4) Build a Stellar Employer Brand 🏆

Establishing a strong employer brand is crucial for attracting top talent. Our brand new websites –  & – highlight our company’s unique values, culture, and employee benefits!

5) Embrace the Human Touch 🤝

Remember, recruitment is a human endeavour! Our managers do all they can to embrace empathy, active listening, and effective communication!

To all job seekers and career enthusiasts! Get ready to unlock the secrets to success in the recruitment game! 

Our Senior Business & Talent Acquisition Managers share their top recruiting tips with you: 

Be patient, stay focused and above all… Believe in yourself! My essential advice for any would-be recruiters out there is to grow your network! Also, don’t just connect with candidates, give back to your online community via LinkedIn.” Ashwini Chawan

You must be professional, proactive, adaptable and respectful with high motivation to succeed. This is a job for you if you see yourself in an international environment and you seek a role in which you can instantly see the cause and effect of hard work which brings results! Tamara Rajic

As a recruiter, you have to be people-oriented, like to talk, interact, and build relationships with people. The recruiter is involved in the whole recruitment process – from beginning to end – and our purpose is to make sure that all parties involved have a positive experience!Bianca-Giorgia Hritcu

It’s time to level up your professional life. 📈 Tap into our resources, expert advice, and exclusive job listings! Your dream job is just a click away! ⏰💼


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