How to rock the interview & get the job!

Interviews involve a lot of emotions, but don’t worry, with a few simple steps you can land the job of your dreams. Here’s how! 

  • Show a Track Record of Success! One of the first things you’ll want to communicate is your previous success. Be ready to share examples of what you’ve done and how you’ve had an impact. Avoid talking just about your job titles which are typically less meaningful. But be sure to share what you’ve achieved in your roles. 
  • Talk about Future Value! Share why you’re excited about the job and also your passions and interests for the future. Be clear about your desire to contribute now and in expanding ways over time. Plenty of companies are struggling to keep great people, so interviewers will be happy to hear about how you want to commit to a career with the company. 
  • Show Interest in the Position! Talk about what you understand about the job and your potential fit. Also ask questions about the role so you’re not being presumptuous that you already understand it perfectly.

  • Talk Up Your Skills! Give examples which demonstrate a mix of skills. Give an example about your flexibility, resilience and openness to new learning… Plan for the stories you’ll tell, ensuring each concise example embeds these key skills.
  • Come Across Professionally! Prepare questions and listen to the answers. Give your full attention to the interviewer. Take a professional tone, but an easy manner in which you communicate your authenticity.

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