MG Meets Team India

Step into the dynamic world of Team India, where passion fuels professional excellence! Today, we delve into the lives of our Managers, uncovering the stories that define our global family! 

First up, meet Priyanka Rastogi our Senior Business Manager,  she is going to share with us why she chose recruitment as her career path: 

🗣️ “I am a ‘people person’ and Recruitment gives me the opportunity to connect with people across the globe and from different organisations. Not only that, it’s a role that makes an impact on people’s lives. I love helping people achieve their goals!

So, if you are dynamic, love variety in your work day, enjoy a unique set of challenges – recruitment is definitely for you!” 

And Priyanka has some golden advice for those considering a career with Manning Global:

“We have a great company culture; encourage work/life balance, have opportunities for professional growth, flexibility and employee benefits. I’d definitely recommend it! “

Fun Fact: Priyanka’s not just a pro recruiter; she’s also a talent at heart, showcasing her artistic flair in MG’s Christmas Talent Competition with a festive Christmas Jumper painting! 🎨

Now, let Hemavathi Mathadmani our Talent Acquisition Manager, guide you through her realm of remote success:

“Learning new things! I have a commitment to mastering new skills and a desire to improve every single day.

This is all thanks to the motivation and support I receive from my managers and workmates.”

Hemavathi’s remote work pro-tip:  ⏰  “Time and trust is very important. Set boundaries, do not mix your personal and professional life, oh and communicate frequently with your work colleagues!”

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