Why you should always hire during the Christmas holidays

The end of the year can seem like a black hole when it comes to hiring. There are plenty of reasons why companies shy away from hiring during the holiday season: staff are overwhelmed with end-of-year admin and simply do not have the energy; team members are on vacation and not available for interviews; there’s simply no time for onboarding, offboarding or team training… the list is endless. However, as the holiday season approaches, workers attitudes change, which can be incredibly helpful for recruiting. Here are some of the psychological factors to consider when trying to fill your end of year hiring quota…

The ‘use it or lose it’ motivation tactic

Does your budget for hiring expire on December 31? The psychological pressure to use these funds can act as motivation to secure a great candidate, rather than delay the decision. Even if your new employee doesn’t start until after the new year, you can always bring them in for one-off training sessions during December. That way they’ll hit the ground running in January and you won’t lose your budget. 

Spreading some festive cheer

Unemployed candidates are eager to nail down employment before the end of the year so they can share the good news with friends and family at social gatherings. The desire for positive feedback can lead to increased job-seeking activity as candidates look to up their game by sending out more job applications. 

Out with the old, in with the new year working resolutions

As the big hand strikes 12 people like to sit back and take stock of their lives, asking the big questions like: ‘Am I truly happy?’; ‘Do I like my job?’; What do I really want to with my life?’; ‘Am I achieving my life goals?’ We’re in a mindset of change and growth, so it’s no surprise that this leads to workers leaving their current jobs for greener pastures. Take advantage of wandering eyes and the influx of new job seekers on the market by posting and promoting your job listings during the holiday season. 

(Net)working 9 ’til 5

Now’s the time to take advantage of this super-social atmosphere, even if it’s just on Zoom! After all, what’s a better Christmas gift than a new job for the new year?

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