Why coffee works in the workplace… just don’t be latte!

You are not alone if you feel you cannot work without coffee – it’s usually the first thing we all grab the moment we are at our offices! Coffee breaks are important: they promote collaboration, productivity and creativity. Breaks with coffee eases tensions, maintains team spirit and most importantly creates a sense of belonging. Here’s some advice from guest author Novemberschild for creating a coffee-friendly culture in your workplace…

Fill me up, coffee cup!

Caffeine ramps up the brain’s energy levels which enhances memory, ability to focus, problem-solving and general cognitive function. So when one needs to concentrate on a crucial project at work, they can heighten their focus by sipping coffee. The coffee-fuelled brain works overtime to help you learn faster and improves information retention. Drinking coffee also leads to improved short-term memory and an increased ability to solve reason-based problems.

Stay grounded & espress yo-self! 

For the last three decades the proverbial coffee cup has assumed the role of the water cooler. Being a coffee drinker in an office setting lends itself to greater social interaction that can be directly tied to increased productivity. More importantly, coffee drinkers at work tend to be happier in their jobs.

Just brew it!

Having an office coffee machine to ensure coffee is readily available removes the temptation for staff to step out to get a hot drink. Leaving an office, queuing, being served, then returning from a coffee shop can take up to 15 minutes or so and this is time lost to work. A visit to a vending machine or kitchen in the workplace will get an employee back to work again with less time lost.

Finally, take some time to smell the coffee… 

Creating a coffee-friendly culture can make your workplace a happier, more productive and collaborative place. Think about what aspects work best for your business, and let the caffeine flow freely. Without this invaluable tool, your company’s mornings will be rocky. So fire up the espresso machine at work and stay on top of all your important work projects. Go grab your cuppa now! 

About the author: Coffee lover Novemberschild speaks a lot on Twitter about her past and her plans for the future through her tweets, blog and articles. She started blogging in 2004, allowing her to be creative in her own little space on the internet, and hopefully to inspire others to do the same. 

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