Welcome to Tech in 2024: Where Innovation Takes Flight!

As we step into the realm of a new year, the landscape of possibilities is vast, and innovation is set to soar to unprecedented heights! AI is grabbing many of the headlines, but that’s not the only trend helping companies stay ahead of change. Here’s a sneak peek into the future…

🌐 Generative AI will seep into consumers’ lives! 60% of skeptics will unknowingly fall in love with it. From Adobe’s magical Photoshop fills to Google’s Bard in search and LinkedIn’s AI-powered content creation – genAI will become an invisible companion

🎨 AI will spur the age of creativity! Enterprise AI initiatives will supercharge productivity and creative problem-solving by 50%, delivering innovative customer experiences and transforming the business landscape

💡Agencies will bet big on “brand-specific” AI models! The top 10 agencies will spend $50 million in partnerships to build custom AI solutions for enterprise clients

🔥 AI processing will hit a wall in 2024! Hardware limitations will force a reality check on AI expectations. Ambitions will be prioritised as limited chip availability redirects focus to applications with clear ROI

☁️  The clouds will launch prompt engineering services to no avail! 80% of firms will add prompt engineering talent internally to accelerate value delivery

🚀 Backstage will take center stage! #1 framework for self-service developer portals. Expect Backstage to dominate IT infrastructure, challenging internal API portal vendors

🤖 GenAI will augment customer service agents’ capabilities! GenAI enhances customer service agents’ capabilities, contributing to faster problem resolution, clearer communication, and improved CX

🌐 Generational differences will alter B2B buying preferences! Millennials demand early access to experts. Successful sellers align offerings with buyer needs, engaging experts earlier in the sales process

🔍 Regulators will have genAI in their sights! An app using ChatGPT will be fined for its handling of personal identifiable information

Source: Forrester Europe

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