Try the MG REMOTE working week job search challenge 2024!

Don’t let your job search grind you down. Break it in to five small steps – each designed to get you the job you deserve!

Monday = Goal setting for the week ahead

Start the week as you mean to go on by setting your job-search goals in the form of small ‘to-do’ lists. Stick to the format outlined below and you’ll be closer to landing your dream job.

Tuesday = Homework time

However, this homework needn’t be a chore! If a certain role excites you, then map out how you could contribute to the company’s mission and vision. Research your chosen company’s website and social media and find out what makes them different from the competition. By knowing a company’s history, you’ll have a clearer understanding of how you can help them achieve their KPIs going forward.

Wednesday = Spring clean your social media & revamp your resume

It’s important that you tailor your CV to fit the role you are applying for. Any skills that are prominent on the job description should be highlighted on your resume. Oh, and remember to check spellings before sending! Now you’re ready for the next step: spring cleaning your social media! Any provocative or inappropriate photos and comments should be deleted immediately. It’s your reputation at stake, so ensure you take the necessary steps to protect it!

Thursday = Reconnect, research & gain references

Before starting your job search, reach out to past managers, teachers and co-workers for positive references. Next, take some time to research any upcoming industry events or networking opportunities. This will only take you ten minutes but could be priceless when forming new relationships or learning about new job opportunities.

Friday = Fix up, look sharp!

Now for the final touches. You’re ready to wow the interviewer with your intellect, but first impressions count, so a short shopping trip is in order to help boost your hireability. Dress to impress by choosing an outfit appropriate to the job you are applying for. Good luck! 

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