MG Guide to Creating an Awesome Team Culture

At the heart of every successful team lies a beating pulse of positivity, unity, and relentless growth! Wondering how to harness this magic? Here’s your guide to cultivating an awesome team culture!

🔮 Discuss success: What does it mean? How would it feel? What would it look like?

🎯 Set Goals: Work with the team to identify individual and team goals they want to pursue

🌐 Discuss values: Find out from your team the values that they believe are of utmost importance

👑 Respect: In our world, everyone is a VIP.  Build a culture where everyone is treated equally

🌱 Responsibility: Players must  accept their role and be responsible for their actions

🔐 Commitment: Are you all in? Players must be committed to the team, training and games.

📈 Continuous Development: Building a positive team culture takes time. Are you committed to keep developing it?

🌟 Praise: Make sure that coaches are appropriately praising players. Athletes can also praise each other

🫶 Support: Coaches and athletes can support each other when things become hard in training or games

🤝 Work Together: It’s key that everyone works together when things become tough

💪 Team Building: Develop actives outside of sport so players can get to know each other

💫 Lead by Example: Have a number of key role models who people can look up to 

📜 Clear Expectations: Identify clear expectations to the team. Ask them of their expectations of you as a coach

⏳ Be Patient: Building a team culture takes time and it’s important that you are patient with the process

🗣️ Communicate: Ask the right questions and make sure that you communicate effectively with everyone on the team

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