Work / life balance – here’s why the Scandinavians do it best!

All work and no play makes for a very dull day.

Here are the best countries in Europe for ensuring you earn a healthy wage without missing out on much-needed me time. 

Quick question, would you be willing to move to another country to gain a better work / life balance?

According to a new survey by TotallyMoney, plenty of Europeans would. However, before you start packing that suitcase, there are plenty of variables to consider, such as average salary, minimum holiday allowance and time devoted to leisure.

In order to establish the perfect work-play oasis, the researchers created a ranking based on eight categories (including the three mentioned above). Each of these metrics was then converted into a score between one and 10 and used to rank 24 European countries against each other.

Surprisingly, the UK came a distant 13 on the list with only six bank holidays, an average monthly salary of just 1,888EUR and an average of 37 hours worked in a week.

Although, spare a thought for Latvia and Turkey, who make up the bottom of the list. Turkey’s long working hours of 46.8 per week and salary of just 528EUR ensured its low ranking, while Latvia’s poor productivity was reflected in their score.

The super-Scandi duo of Denmark and Sweden sealed the top two spots with a high happiness rating of 7.5 and 7.3, plus a monthly salary of 3.270 EUR and 2.713 EUR respectively.

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