MrConnectivity’s top three mobile engagement strategies

Here’s engagement expert James Williams’ – aka MrConnectivity – top three mobile engagement strategies that will lead to ROI for those in the telecoms industry… 

Use SMS extensively across any organisation, whether communicating externally with customers / users or internally with employees

No other channel in isolation drives the levels of engagement SMS does. What else gets 98% open rates, the majority within the first three minutes of people receiving communications via SMS? Nothing! I have found that mobile operators (MNOs) in general are suboptimal at actually using solutions they sell externally for their own internal communications!

All mobile network operators (MNOs) need to implement A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS firewalls and Signalling Firewalls now!

Eliminate spam, reduce instances of malware and other things being communicated via SMS and other channels. Monetise all inbound transactions to any MNO’s subscribers. Plus MNOs should partner with companies that can offer them real omnichannel solutions they can sell to their enterprises. Why let third party companies have all the fun? MNOs have the brand presence but enterprise mobile engagement is not their strength so partner with companies where it is. 50/50 margin share, job done! Finding the right partner is not always the easiest thing though and this is where I come in! 

Speak to your customers, potential customers and indeed own team members in plain language!

I am constantly surprised at how many companies do not communicate clearly, seemingly in an effort to use a language which they see as being cool and edgy. People want to know what it is you’re selling, what you stand for and why they should establish a relationship with your brand. Too often all of this is simply not clear. Websites need clarity and any social media posts need to add value and not regurgitate warm and fuzzy platitudes which are frankly meaningless! Go back to basics and please, never ignore the obvious, what is standing right in front of you!

About the author: James Williams is the Founder of MrConnectivity, a consultancy practice with mobile engagement as its principal focus. His clients include Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Content Aggregators, API companies, Messaging Hubs, Technology vendors and Enterprises. 

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