MG Meets Iasmina Alstani, Incident Management Implementation, Ericsson

She speaks four languages, lives in Nuremburg and is tech-nically brilliant at overseeing telecoms projects. MG Meets Ericsson’s Incident Management Implementation Specialist Iasmina Alstani

Firstly, thanks for agreeing to speak to us Iasmina, to get us started, please could you tell us a little about how you came to work with Manning Global…

Thank you for the interview. As for how I collaborated with Manning Global, it was a case of right person, right time! I was recommended to your company by a technician, so when I received a call from your team, I felt it was the right time to accept a new challenge – and here I am!

You work in Incident Management Implementation – how did enter this profession?

I had the first interview with your team, then a final interview with Ericsson’s Line Manager – I must have impressed as three days later I was offered the job!

What are your main duties for your role at Ericsson?

My tasks are both administrative and technical. I have to ensure I have updates for every action performed on site. I also create reports and moderate Skype meetings. From the technical point of view, I offer remote support for the technicians on site and I also check and perform commands in our internal program to see if I can solve an issue without a site visit.

What are your top three KPIs for this role?

Flexibility, patience and good communication skills. I have to be flexible to switch from one task to another and organise myself so that I fulfil all my given duties. Be patient so I get the information I need, and also be able to communicate in an efficient manner.

What’s the most enjoyable part of your job?

I mostly enjoy the technical part and solving of issues by supporting on-site technicians. This is the most interactive, entertaining and challenging part of my job. Most of all, I learn from them to enhance my telecom skills. 

What qualities do you need to succeed in Incident Management Implementation?

You need to be a fast learner, keen multitasker, and have good negotiation skills.

What is your advice to someone considering a career in this profession?

You have to love telecoms and be open to ‘upgrading yourself’ because you have to learn something new all the time and, therefore, implement the knowledge learnt.

What’s a typical working day like at Ericsson?

Firstly, I check my schedule to see what I’ll be working on that day. I then make a coffee and start sipping it while reading and replying to emails. Then I start checking the incidents we have and work on them. During the day there are plenty of small tasks that I am performing. When I do not have a Skype meeting, I talk on the phone with the field technicians or I am updating our internal lists. I conclude by submitting a daily report.

Your work is based in Nuremberg, Germany, what do you like most about the place?

The cosiness of the city; the centre is full of beautiful architecture and carved wood terraces. They offer authenticity to the city; brimming with German culture. Also, the small perfectly decorated shop windows and tiny coffee shops are so enticing – it’s impossible to stay away from them!

Are there any other countries in the world you would like to work, if so, why would you like to work there?

I would definitely like to work in the USA, especially New York or San Francisco. As a student I lived my American dream thanks to the work and travel program, so I really embraced American culture. I am a Master graduate in American Studies. And if you ask me why these two cities… well, New York is a state of mind and San Francisco is a tech metropolis; both of them have so much to offer!

You speak four languages (RO, EN, ESP, DE)… which is your favourite to use?

I am most comfortable with English, but I like to speak them all – it just depends on the situation.

Finally, what’s your proudest professional accomplishment?

Well, I am really proud that I managed to professionally accommodate myself in Germany, the country I wished to work in since the first time I visited (Erasmus exchange semester in Regensburg).

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