MG Introduces Clare Siddall, Learning & Development Professional

Clare Siddall is a self-motivated L&D professional with over 13 years hands-on experience in the Learning industry. Her proven track record in people management, business partnering and customer care means she is able to facilitate and deliver customised programmes on managerial and leadership excellence. Her goal is to help you achieve your best results and hit those KPIs. With this in mind, Manning Global caught up with Clare for a chat about her career so far and the exciting opportunities that await in the near future…

Hi Clare, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. You’re an experienced Learning & Development professional. Please could you tell our readers how you entered this industry…

My pleasure! I started my career in Learning and Development about 21 years ago as a L&D Trainer supporting new employees coming into the business. After about 18 months I moved in to a more senior international training role with BPO companies in India and the Philippines, forming the management team in preparation, planning, recruitment and delivering training in addition to managing, maintaining and strengthening relationships across eight centres based around the globe.

I then moved into a L&D Resource Manager role in 2016, being responsible or building a functioning team of credible and commercial facilitators across two lines of business.

In 2017 I moved companies to fulfil a new challenge; becoming a Learning Designer for Change – a role I’m currently in.

My key duties and achievements for this role include…  

  • Working with external designers to support the co-design of the new Manager Induction
  • Obtaining relevant data required to identify the main cost drivers for an overall costing model to support the newly created Manager Induction and its rollout for the Proof Of Concept cohort and subsequent waves  
  • Create project milestone plan to highlight deliverables, owners, deadlines, risks, progress and status of activities    
  • Evaluate the impact, ROI and success of Manager Induction and other key learning interventions
  • Achieving a 23% drop in attrition through the new Manager Induction in the first six months
  • Work with key stakeholders to socialise, explore and communicate the high level approach for the new Manager Induction programme to ensure the EMC portfolio integrates across the overall Group and Operations Learning plan
  • Design learning interventions to drive consistency in behaviours and skills of operations managers
  • Manage and design key projects that highlight development across operational functions
  • Work with the apprenticeship programme managers to scope and map induction modules in order for the business to train any eligible individuals to undertake an apprenticeship at a higher level than qualifications they already hold, including an apprenticeship through utilising the levy (L3 and L5)

What do you most enjoy about the learning and development industry?

I love that I’m part of an industry that transforms how we live, work, play and think! Stuff we learn everyday can impact every part of our lives be it big or small.

What are the top skills you will be looking to bring to your next job?

Creativity and consistency.

Which works project are you most proud of?

I have to say the one I’ve been working on in Royal Mail which was one of the biggest transformational learning programmes in the UK.  It’s been a huge cultural change for the organisation that has brought challenges along with brilliant successes.

Finally, what are your hobbies away from the office?

Long distance swimming and spending time with my five favourite people in the world: my beautiful nieces and nephews!

To see how Clare can help transform your business, contact sales[at] 

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