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Since I started my YouTube channel, Self Made Millennial, I have received countless emails asking for advice. The most common questions I get pertaining to the job search are, ‘Should I email them? What should I say?’ It can be paralysing to know what to say in the job search when we all know that every communication can make the difference between an offer or a rejection. Writing to a company you want to work for is intimidating. Cold emailing makes our skin crawl, especially when you have one shot to make an impression!


What if you had every email for your job search already written, and all you have to do is fill in a few blanks and hit send?

What would that do for your anxiety levels – constantly wondering, am I coming off right? What would that do for your procrastination – staring at a blank screen, ultimately not sending the message because you don’t want to mess it all up.

After years of helping job seekers craft the perfect correspondences during the job search, I have developed the ultimate resource: an e-book of 20 fill-in-the-blank, copy-and-paste, no-stress email templates to use in the job search.


This is for people who are ready to get results in their job search. They don’t want to read another book on how to get a job, they want to take action. Each email template comes with a thorough description of why the email is important, a simple copy-and-paste email, and an example of the email template filled out. Many people who use these emails stop applying online altogether because the direct communication with professionals leads to referrals and negates the need to submit an application. This isn’t a book to study. This is a book to take ACTION!

I’m excited to hear your success stories!



Madeline’s top three tips to kickstart the job search process!

  1. Get clear on the types of opportunities you want Employers can smell from a mile away when a candidate isn’t sure what they want in their next career step, and they do not want to be your career experiment. It’s okay to have a variety of interests in a single function (such as being flexible that your next role can be in Digital Marketing or Content Marketing), but if your interests span across departments, it’s time to soul search before you job search. When you spend the time up front thoroughly investigating the best career move for you, your passion will show through in your correspondence and interviews, and will save you from making a career changes down the road. Use the ‘Informational Interviews’ template to connect with professionals to understand their career paths, and see what is the right next move for you.
  2. Reach out to people at the companies you are interested in What’s the secret to beating the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? Bypassing it completely! Once you know the opportunities you are targeting, make a list of the companies you would like to work for. Instead of applying to those companies through their ATS, connect with someone at the company. By doing this you may be able to get referred into a role and the odds of your resume being seen will skyrocket! Use the ‘Cold Emailing’ templates, and then follow up with the ‘Ask for a Referral’ template.
  3. Stay constantly engaged between interviews What is the number one determining factor between two equally qualified and revered candidates? Who wants the job more. Companies choose the candidate who desires the company and role the most, and this is often determined by the communication that happens outside of the interview room. The candidates who are the most eager send Thank You emails, they follow up repeatedly, and make an effort to build relationships at each step of the process. The amount of employment decisions that have come down to a Thank You note would blow your mind. Use the ‘Thank You Note’ template, the ‘Follow Up’ templates, and the offer-inducing emails like the ‘Hail Mary Follow Up’ and the ‘Have Another Offer’ email templates.


Get your copy of Fill in the Blank Job Hunt: Essential Email Templates for the Job Hunt here

About the author: Madeline Mann is the creator of Self Made Millennial Youtube channel, which provides rapid-fire, battle-tested advice on how to find your career and excel in it. Here’s a playlist of all her favourite job interview tips, including her secret weapon for onsite interviews! 

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