Four essential team building exercises

Just like building pre-Christmas cheer, lifting the mood in the office after summer vacations is of utmost importance. So if you’re looking for a way to cheer up your work colleagues, try these four different team building activities! Why not add a competitive element and offer a prize? A trophy, chocolates, bottle of bubbly, or even an extra lunch break would definitely help to raise morale. Good luck – may the best team win! 

  1. Blindfolded food testing… recipe for fun, or disaster? Would you trust your work mates enough to let them pick an unknown food for you to taste? This activity is very simple, and a whole lot of fun! All you need is a blindfold and a variety of foods. You can take it in turns to either gain the trust of your work colleagues, or lose it forever by tickling their taste buds with some seriously devilish concoction!
  2. Paintballing… will you be hitting your targets? A true – if a little painful – classic! Nothing fosters team spirit more than shooting one of your colleagues – it’s the name of the game! Although there’s a lot more to paintballing than meets the (bulls)eye. For example, it’s a great way to promote teamwork and communication between departments
  3. Cardboard boat racing… time to sink or swim! A fast, effective way of recycling all those boxes you’ve hidden in the storeroom! Simply split into teams and build your own boats. Then comes the fun part – testing them out on the water! A word of warning, you’re probably going to get wet partaking in this particular activity – so wear appropriate clothing!
  4. Sports day… let the games begin! Located near a park? Surrounded by fields? Great, then putting on a sports day will be the perfect post-summer pick-me-up for your workforce. Brainstorm some staple sports day events on paper, put them in to a hat, then get everyone to pull a slip to see which activity they’ll be taking part in! Examples include three legged race, tug ‘o’ war and relay races

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