Business as (un)usual – five things we’ve learned whilst working remotely

Dear MG family, 

Welcome to the new world of remote work, pandemic style. Business leaders need a new game plan, so here’s ours. Although we can’t predict what will happen over the coming weeks, we can give you a glimpse of the bigger picture…

Firstly, understanding your criteria is a critical part of being a proactive recruiting, HR and Business Support partner. It’s all about the service and value we can add to our clients and candidates. 

Engaging in productive conversation is the most valuable currency we have. During these past months, we have transformed not only the way we communicate but also the way we’ve worked; preserving our unique working culture whilst remaining agile online. We therefore wanted to offer an insight as to how we’ve achieved this, and will continue to adapt over the weeks to come…

Here’s five things we’ve learned from remote working: 

Clear and decisive communication

Early on we made the clear and decisive decision of closing our offices and eliminating travel. Since then we’ve had frequent email communications with a leveled response plan – including checking in with our employees

Prioritisation of projects to impact productivity… 

We’ve tried to foster trust and delegate where possible. Our Account Managers have made the call on high-level priorities, so all our employees can focus on their best work. Hiring is happening and this is a credit to all our team members


This period of remote working requires a new frontier of flexibility. We’ve acknowledged that schedules are going to be fluid as people adjust to working from home and, in some cases, managing a family at the same time. As our tagline suggests, we specialise in ‘Quality Flexible Project Solutions’ and this has been the case for 20 years and counting…

Taking time to empathise

Now, more than ever, we understand all our teams need empathy and understanding. With many employees feeling anxious and sometimes isolated, we’ll continue to offer information and advice on a daily basis; from WhatsApp groups to good old fashioned phone calls! 


We truly understand that the way you organise your remote team, and yourself as a leader of it, matters most during times of crisis. Listening to webinars, attending online seminars and talking to experts and sharing knowledge is something we actively encourage!

So, this is our story… what’s yours? If you get the chance, we’d love to hear what you’ve learned whilst working remotely, so we can grow and adapt as a company.

Remember, there is opportunity in every crisis – think about yours! 

Thank you Team MG for staying productive and being there for one other. Together we can do anything!

Stay safe and stay connected. 

Rachael, Michel and Team MG

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