Surely some misstake? Common spelling mistakes on CVs revealed


  1. ‘Led’ vs. ‘lead’ It’s an easy mistake to make – ‘led’ is the past tense of the verb ‘lead’, pronounced ‘leed’. However, lots of people make the mistake of using ‘lead’ which is actually a noun for the chemical element!
  2. ‘Definitely’ Ah, the original school boy error, spelling ‘definitely’ as ‘definately’. Just remember it’s ‘i’ not ‘a’.
  3. ‘Implement’ Spelling the verb as ‘impliment’ won’t go down well with recruiters. 
  4. ‘Affect’ vs. ‘effect’ Affect should be used as a verb, as in, ‘the traffic affected our plans’, whereas ‘effect’ is used as a noun, ‘the headache tablets did not have an effect’. 
  5. ‘Complement’ vs. ‘compliment’ It’s important for candidates to proof-read, especially with the differing meanings of ‘complement’, and ‘compliment’ adding confusion to recruiters. 

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