Everything you need to know about DevOps

What are DevOps Principles? For some, DevOps is about delivering high-quality software faster. But to harness its power, we must embrace it as a cultural philosophy. Here’s everything you need to know, in one handy guide…

Here’s the values that drive the DevOps movement ⤵️

💻 DevOps collaboration

Open communication between development and operations teams is vital. Sharing information and feedback fosters a sense of ownership for the entire software development lifecycle. Embrace collaboration to optimise your work process.

📊 Make decisions based on data

Base your choices on facts and information. When you need to pick the proper technology or DevOps tool to optimize your work process, gather data around each option. Look at how well the tool performed in the past. Data-driven decisions lead to better outcomes!

🦾 DevOps Automation

Speed up processes and reduce errors through automation. DevOps teams automate as much of the SDLC as possible, giving them more time for creativity and essential tasks. Boost productivity and job satisfaction with automation.

📈 Continuous Improvement

It states that teams should constantly focus on making their products better through upgrades and new features. Follow the Agile methodology’s incremental releases for iterative progress.

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