Cupid’s Crib Sheet: 5 skills to woo any Hiring Manager


  1. Further education Candidates looking to expand their knowledge through training or the learning of a new skill set will always be appreciated by recruiters as it shows that you are serious about your career.
  2. Teamwork makes the dream work Every industry needs people who understand how to engage with different personalities, ages and types of people. Indeed, Business News Daily even reported it as their number one sought after skill today!
  3. Smart workers By this we don’t mean that you’re always on your smartphone; we’re talking multi-tasking, target setting, budgeting and planning ahead. The old saying ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ still holds true to this day.
  4. Networking It always helps if a candidate has connections with other experts in their sector, indeed a Hiring Manager’s dream is to have well-connected employees to help grow their business.
  5. Leadership You need to display how you lead and develop individuals who think and act differently together as a unified team. A Hiring Manager love examples, so mention specific individuals whose careers you have helped and the ways in which you have assisted their development.

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