Getting Ahead: How Career Planning Can Help You!

For anyone in the workforce, career advancement should be a top priority. Whether you’re driven by future opportunities, a steady wage, or simple self-satisfaction, planning ahead for your career is a key step in eventual success. As you go about your career journey, it’s always wise to be a few steps ahead of the curve.

After all, there are so many benefits of career planning that will help you thrive in the professional world. Between making connections and opportunities for raises, planning ahead in your career journey is a great way to prepare yourself for your occupational journey.

With that being said, here are some of the main benefits of career planning along with a few helpful tips as to how to begin your career advancement journey…

You’ll be prepared to network 

Talking to anyone can be nerve-wracking, let alone talking to someone who potentially has the power to advance your career! By planning ahead, you’ll be able to research, identify, and practice key networking strategies that can help advance your career. This can be anything in the realm of interview etiquette, workplace behaviour, or maintaining a professional attitude.

Furthermore, it’s wise to create an online portfolio profile (like LinkedIn) to showcase your achievements and work history, along with making connections with other people in your career field.

By planning ahead in this aspect, you’ll be more prepared to make connections with higher-ups and work and beyond. So be confident, know your worth, and get ready to work!

You’ll be exposed to more opportunities 

In the workplace, you’ll be exposed to many prospective opportunities that will only contribute to your professional development.

As you plan ahead for your career, think about some of the opportunities you’d like to take advantage of: are there any other related fields you can gain exposure in? Does your prospective company host any events or classes that interest you? Going into the workforce with an open, but focused, mind will allow you to gain more experience in and out of your position.

As you continue to grow in the professional world, the opportunities you’re exposed to may become more and more exciting. Whether that’s book deals or a special class you can attend, any opportunities to advance your career, are good ones.

When you’re planning your career journey, keep in mind some of the main opportunities you’d love to take advantage of. Not only will this act as a manifestation, but it will also keep your priorities in check as you continue to move forward.

You’ll be in a higher salary range

While education isn’t everything, it can definitely help in the career world. Whether that’s receiving some sort of certificate or degree, allotting the resources to obtain an education should be a top priority.

As you plan your career journey, it’s important to account for expenses that go toward education.

Getting an education, while expensive, can be a real game-changer when it comes to the career world.

In fact, there is a direct relationship between receiving a higher education and receiving a higher salary (as shown in the graph below).

So, as you continue to plan your career journey, be sure to plan for education and all of the benefits that come along with it.

Essential tips for career planning

With career planning having so many benefits, it’s essential to start planning now!

Success doesn’t come overnight, but it can come sooner with some thorough and thoughtful planning. Here are some key tips for career planning, along with an infographic you can look back on for more information on career planning!

  • Manifest and define your career goals by writing down your career goals
  • Invest in an education whether it’s getting a specific certification or degree
  • Explore mentorships within your prospective company or professional field to gain insight into career advancement

Article courtesy of University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences

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