Candidate Crib Sheet: six of the best Qs to ask your interviewer

It’s always important to ask questions at the end of an interview – but which ones?

Here’s a list of questions that’ll ensure you leave a lasting impression and get the job!

‘Is there opportunity for growth at your company?‘ Hiring managers want progression, not regression – so outline some key skills and ask if you’ll be able to demonstrate these skills if you’re offered the position. Remember to stay humble; confidence is a strength but arrogance is a definite turn-off.

‘How do you see me making an impact at your organisation?’ Good companies want employees to solve problems, not cause them. Asking this proactive question ensures you start life on the front foot. As the question suggests, it’s all about creating an impact. 

‘Please could you tell me more about the composition of the team you have in place…’ Learning more about the background of the staff; their experience, what motivates them etc., shows you can relate to current employees and showcases possible culture fit. 

‘What were the reasons for you joining the company?’ Appeal to your interviewer’s ego and get them to open up about how and why they joined the company and what you can learn from their career trajectory.

‘What are your company goals for the next three years?’ Employers want to know that you’re in it for the long haul, so by asking a goal-setting question, you’re demonstrating the ability to look ahead and plan for the future – a future that includes fulfilling your potential at the company. 

‘What does an ideal candidate look like for this role?’ If the interviewer responds with a skill you don’t have, now’s the time to demonstrate how you will learn said skill. If they mention a skill you do have, there’s a great opportunity for you to demonstrate how skilled you are in this area. 

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