7 trending interview Qs all hiring managers are asking!

Tell me about a successful collaboration experience…

Collaboration is an important skill in nearly every profession, so the ability to work well with others is a must. This is an important question when considering how the candidate may fit in with the culture of the company.

How do you foster positive relationships?

Being able to connect with work colleagues and managers is one of the most important skills for long-term success in companies of any size. A successful candidate must demonstrate the ability to cultivate relationships in the workplace.

What’s the biggest compliment you have received in the workplace?

A modern twist on the question “what’s your biggest strength?” This keeps the candidate’s self-assessment answer grounded in the real-world context, detailing not only how well they performed in their current role, but what attracted work colleagues / management to compliment.

What would be your biggest challenge coming in to this role?

An upgrade on “what is your greatest weakness?” This question focuses on the personal challenges the candidate may have and allows them to speak more openly about past experiences.

What would you do if an interviewer failed to show up?

The candidate’s response to this question will provide evidence of how well they deal with adversity and will also showcase particular character traits. For example, do they try and call the interviewer? (inquisitive) or contact other people in the company to see what happened? (tenacious).

Why do you want to work for our company?

The candidate’s answer should showcase the depth of research on the chosen company; including their vision for professional growth within the organisation. Overall, the candidate must demonstrate why it’s important for them to work at the company.

What would an old co-worker say about you?

An upgrade on the tried and tested “tell me about yourself”; it allows the candidate to talk about themselves more objectively – from the viewpoint of a work colleague – rather than boast about their past achievements.

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