7 interview questions for Software Engineers

Whether you’re preparing to interview a candidate or applying for a new job, review our list of Software Engineer interview questions to ensure you’re fully prepared! 

  1. Describe a challenging technical problem you solved, and explain the process you went through to solve it…
  2. Design an object model for a social network feed
  3. Describe a time when you worked on a project that you could consider to be a failure. What could have done to make the project more successful?
  4. What do you care about most when reviewing someone else’s code?
  5. How does Netflix know what movies to recommend to you?
  6. Tell us about your favourite project. What were the hard problems and how did you address them?
  7. You’re the technical lead and you’re starting from scratch. Tell us how you’d approach it from a project perspective, and your initial thoughts from a design perspective…


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