The thrill of the chase – how to find the perfect candidate

First things first – set those expectations

You may be clear on what qualifications, aptitude and experience are needed, however there are several other questions you should consider before beginning the hiring process. Here’s six for starters…

  • Why is this position so difficult to fill and what were the reasons for the previous employee leaving?
  • Is the level of pay high enough for a position in this region?
  • Do the educational requirements match the skill set for this role…
  • … and does the candidate have to match the exact requirements?
  • Do you offer relocation as part of the employment package on offer?
  • Is it necessary that they have the exact previous experience?

Now your candidate search is defined – it’s time to start the hunt!

Don’t just reply on traditional job boards; you’ve spent years developing contacts – now’s the time to use them! Why not start by asking people you know and respect for referrals? Once you’ve exhausted your personal network, start reaching out to others via social media. Share content in the form of videos, photos and blogs, and master all of the relevant social media platforms to engage your audience. Make sure that the content you publish showcases who you are as a brand. Keeping track of who engages with it will help in identifying the most relevant talent for your business.

Not forgetting passive talent!

There are lots of reasons open candidates appeal as prospective new hires:

  • They have a proven track record of working in a similar environment – meaning they are more likely to be up-to-date with the latest industry developments.
  • As they’re already employed, they are more likely to be honest in their self-promotion and less-likely to embellish skills and experience.

But remember to be discreet! Keep your relationship confidential as they won’t want their current employer to know they’re open to a potential move.

Ensure you’re easily accessible

Over 90% of candidates won’t complete an application if the process is not mobile optimised or takes more than two steps – ensure yours has advanced search capabilities.

Finally, be ready to offer them the flexibility they crave

With evolving technology comes a change in mindset; employees are moving away with the usual 9-5 desk mindset and want the option to dictate their own hours. This is especially prevalent among Generation Z and is something to bear in mind when sourcing younger talent for your company.

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