10 stress interview questions to really test your candidate

Some professions deal with stressful situations more frequently than others. Depending on the role, you may consider asking stress interview questions to find out how your candidate performs under pressure. However, you shouldn’t conduct a stress interview for every type of position; stress interviews can put candidates on edge and leave a bad impression of your company, if not presented properly. Learn why stress interviews are used, when to implement them, and which stress-based interview questions to ask…

What is the key purpose of a stress interview?

Stress interviews, as the name suggests, test a candidate’s ability to handle stress and perform under pressure. This is done by creating an uncomfortable environment, so you can gain insight into how a candidate would react to stressful situations on the job.

Adding a stress interview to your recruitment process can show you whether the candidate has the necessary qualifications and personality to handle the expectations of the job. After all, you don’t want to hire a candidate who looks great on paper but crumbles under pressure.

This technique isn’t for the faint hearted. Although you may feel uncomfortable asking the questions, you may have to follow it through until you have all the answers and information you need on the candidate. A big part of creating a stress interview is planning what questions to ask. Below are a selection of interview stress questions to ask your candidates…

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