Star teching! Top trending tech revealed

MG takes a look at the top trending, most innovative tech on the market today…

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI) candidate screening This year automated algorithms will screen CVs and also be able to communicate with candidates
  2. From ‘Advertise to Apply’ to ‘Find & Engage’ Data science analytics find candidates by searching talent pools and examining large amounts of data at once to create candidate shortlists. They then examine data patterns to gauge how interested in new opportunities a candidate is
  3. Virtual Reality (VR) In 2023, virtual reality assessments will be able to test a candidate’s skill set by simulating a 3D environment
  4. Video LinkedIn profiles Will 2023 be the year LinkedIn lets you embed video into its profiles? Certainly appears so. If introduced, it could help to give greater insight into potential cultural fit, something a CV cannot do

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