Top 10 Telco Trends for 2024

Exciting times lie ahead in the realm of telecommunications as we delve into the latest insights from Juniper Research’s white paper, revealing the top 10 trends set to reshape the telecom landscape in 2024. Let’s take a closer look at the most impactful developments that promise to redefine the way we connect and communicate ⤵️

1️⃣  Accelerated Satellite Launches Integrating Terrestrial & Non-terrestrial Cellular Networks!

In a world where 5G subscribers are soaring by 60%, reaching an astounding 1.6 billion by the close of 2023, the stage is set for revolutionary satellite launches. Imagine a seamless alliance between terrestrial and non-terrestrial cellular networks, providing competition to private networks, IoT, and mobile broadband.
There will be over 300,000 connections accessing 5G satellite networks in 2024 with regions such as North America, West Europe and Far East & China accounting for approximately 80% of all major satellites in operation today, totalling over 8,000 satellites. Say hello to seamless global coverage and a surge in 5G IoT, mobile broadband, and subscriptions.

2️⃣ Increased Usage of Open APIs in Telecoms, Driven by Escalating SMS Pricing and Fraud!

Wave goodbye to the constraints of SMS and welcome the boundless potential of Open APIs! As Juniper Research predicts, these APIs are gaining momentum, offering a dynamic platform for messaging that combats rising prices and fraud. Imagine a world where businesses and developers have new channels for communication, reshaping the way we connect and share information. 

3️⃣ Generative AI Set to Revolutionize Conversational AI through Automated Personalized Marketing Campaigns!

The advent of generative AI is set to revolutionize personalized marketing campaigns through automated processes. From chatbots to user segmentation and multichannel marketing, generative AI is set to revolutionize how businesses interact with their audience. Picture AI creating personalized product descriptions, social media messages, and email outreach for a tailored conversational journey with customers. 

4️⃣  Proliferation of iSIM-capable Devices in 2024, Fueling Global eSIM Adoption!

Prepare for the future with iSIM-enabled devices! Key industries utilizing LPWA network technologies will witness a shift towards reduced device form factors, with iSIM playing a pivotal role. This technology enables device vendors to streamline operations, contributing to the widespread adoption of eSIM on a global scale.

5️⃣ EU’s DMA Pressures OTT Channels to Develop Cross-platform Capabilities, with Apple Responding by Supporting RCS! 

Under intense pressure from EU regulators, OTT channels are about to transform or face the heat. Fines as high as 10% of global turnover loom large, pushing platforms to develop cross-platform capabilities. The response is swift; WhatsApp is paving the way with interoperable chat features, eliminating fragmentation and expanding the value of OTT business messaging. It’s a regulation-driven revolution that promises a new era of communication.


6️⃣ 5G Data Roaming Traffic to Accelerate BCE 2.0 Protocol Adoption! 

Hold on tight as we soar into the stratosphere of 5G data roaming. A mind-boggling 220% growth in 5G roaming connections from 35 million in 2023 to 77 million by the end of 2024 is on the horizon. This surge is driving the adoption of BCE 2.0, providing operators with the flexibility to deploy new charging models. It’s not just about connectivity; it’s about maximizing revenue and unleashing the full potential of 5G roaming traffic.

7️⃣ Prioritization of Sustainable Initiatives to Reduce the Impact of Telco Supply Chains!

The future is green, and telcos are leading the charge. In 2024, operators are set to embark on sustainable initiatives, reducing the environmental impact of telecommunications. From AI and machine learning driving efficiency gains to the deployment of energy-efficient equipment and batteries, the industry is making strides towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly tomorrow.

8️⃣ Large Language Models to Lower Entry Barriers for Voicebot Implementation! 

Prepare to be amazed as large language models break down the barriers for voicebot implementation. The era of personalized services and enhanced business efficiency is upon us. Imagine a world where communication with your devices feels not just seamless but tailored to your every need. Large language models are the key to unlocking this new frontier of voice-driven innovation.

9️⃣ 5G Advanced Networks Enabling New Mobility & XR Markets! 

Industries, rejoice! 5G Advanced is not just an upgrade; it’s a catalyst for new mobility and extended reality (XR) markets. Backward compatibility expedites implementation timelines, and the impact on network end node-positioning capabilities promises to revolutionize autonomous vehicles and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The ripple effects on certain IoT sectors are set to create waves of innovation.

🔟 Network-wide AI Implementation Increasing Efficiency as 6G Approaches!

As we gear up for 6G, network-wide AI implementation is the star of the show. Tier 1 operators are set to integrate AI into every nook and cranny of their networks. Real-time communication and adaptive network functions are the tangible benefits of this implementation. This transformative implementation goes beyond merely preparing for the next-gen networks; it’s an exploration into optimizing operations in unprecedented ways, turning dreams into reality.

Thanks to Juniper Research for the contribution! Did you know? Juniper Research has been providing essential market intelligence to the telecommunications and network operator industries for over two decades. Their operators and providers portfolio comprises 30+ reports; covering everything from established technologies such as CPaaS and Flash Calling, to emerging technologies such as Chatbots and 5G Satellite Networks. For more information and a deeper dive into industry intelligence, visit Juniper Research’s website.

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