What will your job look like in 7 years time? Top tech jobs for 2030!

Will your job still exist in seven years from now? And, if it does exist, what will it look like? In this tech-infused world, job descriptions now include buzzwords that never even existed a year ago; a media director of today is the ‘avatar relationship manager’ of tomorrow. Roles focussed on futuristic technologies such as VR and robotics are having a huge impact on today’s career landscape, so staying ahead of the trend and keeping abreast of these future tech careers is essential if you’re looking to land a job in this lucrative tech-centric field. Below are just a small selection of tech job titles we feel will exist in 2030… if not before! 

Augmented reality officer: From entertainment to healthcare, VR has become the ultimate industry buzzword. This immersive technology presents a great opportunity for designers looking to experience the ultimate in cutting edge entertainment.

UAV pilot: Unmanned automatic vehicles (drones) present unlimited potential for a range of sectors – from military to the consumer goods industry. Those who can fly them expertly will have plenty of jobs to choose from in the years to come. 

Self assessment auditor: Also known as personal trainers, however fast forward eight years and the ability to quantify data and come up with an optimal nutrition or fitness plan will be the perfect job for any tech-savvy fitness buff.

3D-printed fashion designer: Tech touches the fashion world too, don’t you know. Indeed, 3D-printed designs have appeared on runways from Paris to London in recent years. 3D printing presents affordable manufacturing possibilities.

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