MG Meets Tamara Rajic, Head of Sales

Fluent in three languages and a key member of Team MG, our Head of Sales, Tamara Rajic, never tires for the perfect hire! Indeed, her outstanding contribution to our on-going work with Huawei España was recently rewarded with Manning Global winning another award! Here’s your chance to REALLY get to know the person behind the position, as Tamara explains her career in recruitment and reveals her proudest professional accomplishment so far!

The reason Tamara started her career in recruitment…

After finishing my Master’s degree, I wanted a challenging and dynamic working environment. The role at Manning Global fulfilled all the criteria and I have not looked back since!

Tamara’s core responsibilities as Head of Sales:

My role involves maintaining client relationships, recruiting, consultant care and retention. I am also responsible for continuously monitoring internal processes; providing training and guidance to the sales team; participating in bids and negotiation of T&Cs.

Tamara’s thoughts on working remotely, plus her top tip for creating the perfect work space!

I love working remotely! It’s a constant struggle to find enough hours in a day, so eliminating the commute to work is a massive benefit.

My advice for optimal performance whilst remote working is to create a comfortable and organised space for work, so you can best plan and organise your day.

Tamara’s favourite thing about working at Manning Global…

It challenges you to give your best every day and grow with the company!

Tamara’s top five tips to succeed at Manning Global, plus her advice for someone considering a career in our company…

You must be professional, proactive, adaptable and respectful with high motivation to succeed.  

This is a job for you if you see yourself in an international environment and you seek a role in which you can instantly see the cause and effect of hard work which brings results and ultimately reward you in terms of promotion and commission.

Tamara’s dream job as a child:

Veterinarian… until my dad explained to me they don’t treat cats, dogs and bunnies!

Tamara’s top career goal for 2024, plus her proudest professional accomplishment explained…

Driving business with new clients into profitable, long lasting partnerships.

As for my proudest professional accomplishment? That would have to be  successfully leading key clients for a good number of years and maintaining strong professional relationships with my clients, hires and teammates.

Tamara’s favourite hobbies outside of work…

Long walks and going to the park with my son. Some of my other hobbies like planting, reading and candle making are a bit neglected since I focus all my free time on him.

 Finally, the best piece of advice she was ever given:

Be present and enjoy the moment; live and let live – this is my life motto.

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