MG Meets HR Assistant, Sabrina Ciosici

A key member of Team MG’s remote-working Human Resources department in Romania, Sabrina is always keen to develop her skills and learn new ones! From thriving in HR to enjoying new hobbies out of office, here’s her Manning Global journey so far…

Sabrina’s thoughts on working remotely…

To be honest, the first months of remote work were a bit challenging until I managed to organize everything and get used to the new processes, including my new workspace.

Overall, I’m glad that I have the opportunity of working remotely, it’s helped me to become more organized, self-motivated, and efficient!

Sabrina’s most productive working environment…

I would say the home office from my living room because I can work without any distractions.

Sabrina’s thoughts on which is better: Remote workplace or classic office space…

I cannot say that one is better than the other; both have advantages. The important thing is that the employee can be productive, efficient and feel safe.

And her best piece of advice for people working remotely…

Designate a workspace where you feel comfortable and you can work in peace. Stay motivated and create a ‘To-Do’ list!

Sabrina’s core responsibilities as a HR Assistant for Manning Global include…

Human resources administrative tasks, such as preparing documentation for employment, plus assistance of daily inquiries and archiving.

Sabrinas’s favourite thing about working for Manning Global…

Having the opportunity to meet – and work with – different people and cultures from all over the world. We are truly global!

The top three things that motivate Sabrina to succeed in her role:

The drive for learning; continuous improvement, oh and positive feedback!

Sabrina’s advice to someone considering a career with Manning Global:

Be open to learning new things and be your better self every day. It’s a process and it takes time, but it’s going to shape the person you’ll be tomorrow!

Sabrina’s top tip for someone who wants to pursue a career in HR:

Patience and perseverance.

Sabrina’s proudest professional accomplishment:

Joining the Manning Global team!

Sabrina’s favourite hobbies outside of work…

I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends, plus travelling and nail art.

The best piece of advice she was ever given:

Do not rush anything. When the time is right, it will happen.

 Sabrina’s special superpower would be…

The ability to heal! To be able to help people and animals when they are in need would be a wonderful thing.

Finally, Sabrina’s work and life goals for 2024:

I look forward to the summertime when I can travel and experience new adventures and make lasting memories in new places. I’d also like to work on my key skills (as mentioned above), plus improve my work-life balance. 

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