Video interviews & remote hiring trends for 2024!

Traditional interviews have limited ability to assess soft skills and weaknesses of the candidate, instead try the following five innovative techniques to get a greater understanding of your prospective employee…

  1. Soft skills assessment measure traits like teamwork and give a more holistic picture of candidates. 
  2. Job auditions pay the candidate to do the job so you can observe their skills in a workplace environment 
  3. Casual interviews gain a unique look at the candidate’s character and how they deal with the day-to-day and the unexpected
  4. Video interviews pre-record or broadcast live to tap in to a greater talent pool
  5. Virtual reality assessments immerse the candidate in a simulated 3D environment to test their skill set

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By observing candidates in high-pressure situations that mimic your company’s day-to-day operations you can start to gain a more realistic preview of their performance. By measuring performance rather than interview skills you are mirroring the employee experience and engaging with your key talent whilst on the job. 

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The advantage of real time video and audio gives candidates a chance to present themselves more than a piece of paper ever could. Not only they showcasing their personality, they’re also proving they’re able to work with tech and realise its potential. As for recruiters, video interviews can cut down the time and cost associated with recruiting by allowing them to pre-screen candidates, rather than spending time in a face-to-face interview.

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