Get to Know Jasmine Navarro, Executive Well-being Expert

Prepare to be captivated as we sit down for an exclusive chat with Jasmine Navarro, a seasoned well-being expert with over 20 years of experience spanning 11 countries and three continents!

With certifications as an ICF/Co-Active professional, Corporate Trainer, Speaker, and Author of the acclaimed Creative Confidence Program, Jasmine’s influence extends beyond borders.

As the visionary founder of Nava, her coaching resonates globally, empowering educators, coaches, and counselors to spark positive change!

In this ‘MG Meets’ interview with Manning Global, Jasmine shares her story from global classrooms to corporate boardrooms, unlocking the secrets to a harmonious life. Discover Jasmine’s insights on balancing personal and professional lives, along with valuable advice for teenagers embarking on the voyage of self-discovery…

Jasmine’s Transformation into an Emotional Well-Being Expert

Jasmine’s path to becoming an emotional well-being expert and a guiding light for others began with a challenging chapter in her late teens. This period was marked by a life-altering event that deeply impacted her life’s trajectory. “I learned about my stepdad’s death through a newspaper,” she said, a statement that encapsulates the profound shock and emotional upheaval she experienced. This moment, though laden with sorrow, catalyzed her journey towards healing, self-discovery, and ultimately, her dedication to helping others navigate their emotional landscapes.

 “Nobody around me understood what was going on. And even people would ask me what was wrong with me and stuff like that. I was just in absolute shock because I sort of got depressed for about eight years on and off. I just wanted to leave the UK because I just thought this situation is a little bit dysfunctional. So, I thought, how can I do this?”

Jasmine’s Transformative Journey 

In the face of adversity, Jasmine sought refuge and new beginnings in teaching. This decision, driven by a need to escape the tumult of her situation in the UK, took her first to Turkey.

“I just need to get out of here! The first country I went to was Turkey. Due to the demand for English teachers I gained experience and eventually taught in 11 countries over 17 years.”

In each new place, Jasmine found not just a classroom but a new world of experiences, healing, and a deeper understanding of the human spirit across different cultures.

Approach to Self-Discovery

In Dubai, Jasmine encountered a pivotal shift in her life’s purpose! Here, she started questioning her future beyond her established role as an educator.

Entering the realm of co-active coaching, Jasmine embarked on a journey of deep self-reflection and emotional healing. This new chapter, while challenging, proved to be a vital part of her development, shaping her future focus on emotional intelligence and well-being.

“I loved being with students, but I knew there was something else I was supposed to do. Then I kept meeting co-active coaches. So, I thought, this seems like a sign here. And this is how I took the training.

That was the first time that I’d actually ever really worked on myself emotionally. But I knew this was the way for me to find out what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I had to carry on. So, by the time I finished training, I’d learned so much about myself and I just thought, wow, this is what I need to do. I need to help others have these realizations too. It’s like, you don’t need to travel the whole world to feel better.”

Nava: Embarking on a Mission of Emotional Empowerment

Through Nava, Jasmine sought to impart the vital lessons and strategies that had been instrumental in her personal growth. Her programs, particularly the ‘Creative Confidence Program’, are carefully crafted to assist individuals in navigating their emotions, enabling them to achieve a deeper sense of self-understanding and inner stability.

I teach teenagers and adults in developing emotional awareness, enabling them to process their emotions in a healthy way and attain a deeper, enduring confidence. And that’s something that nobody can take away from us.”

Insights into Youth and the Digital Era

Jasmine’s extensive background in teaching provides her with a unique lens through which to view the challenges faced by modern youth, particularly in relation to the digital landscape. Her concern for the mental and emotional impact of digital media on young minds is grounded in her own experiences and observations from her years of teaching.

“It’s clear that social media is not always a positive thing. But I believe that if you’re a healthy teenager with a positive mindset, you’ll approach social media in a healthy way. On the other hand, if you’re feeling insecure and have a lot of problems, you might approach it differently. It all comes down to our attitude.”

Learning the Universal Language of Emotions

Through her international teaching experiences, Jasmine discovered the universal nature of human emotions. These teaching adventures reinforced her understanding of the shared emotional experiences that connect people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

“It doesn’t matter where you’re from, who you are, emotions speak the same language in any country! And that’s what I learned as a teacher, where students, irrespective of the country – be it the Middle East, America, or Europe -shared similar challenges and joys.”

Expanding Nava’s Influence

Jasmine’s future plans for Nava include reaching a broader, international audience! Driven by her deep belief in the transformative power of emotional well-being practices. Her vision extends to establishing centers worldwide where emotional health resources are accessible to all, democratizing the tools for emotional empowerment.

“I would like to establish well-being centers for teenagers globally. I just want to help as many teens as possible. The insights I gained from my coach training were really simple things – things that everyone can do. Unfortunately, these practices often go overlooked simply because people are unaware of them. Like communication, the importance of listening, and other simple things that we can all do to help ourselves and everyone around us.”

Jasmine’s advice for Personal Growth

Central to Jasmine’s philosophy is the art of self-compassion. She emphasises the crucial role of nurturing a healthy, compassionate dialogue with oneself as key to personal development and overcoming life’s challenges.

“Be your own best friend! I think, especially even me, I had so much negative self-talk, blaming myself for my dad’s death and everything. It was just self-destructive, and I realised how powerful words can be. Words can either nearly destroy you, or empower you. The words you say to yourself are the most powerful.”

Milestones in Jasmine’s Journey

The accolades Jasmine has received, such as the Theo Paphitis and WOW awards, are more than mere recognitions; they are affirmations of her impactful work in the field of emotional well-being. 

It provided that additional validation and acknowledgment that, yes, I am making a meaningful contribution, and I’m on the right track.”

Jasmine’s Personal Harmony

“In my personal life, I don’t have a lot of time for socialising, but I really enjoy simple things,” Jasmine shares, reflecting on how she cherishes peaceful days at the beach and laughter with friends. Her enjoyment of English comedians is a testament to her belief in finding balance.

“I love spending time at the beach, being with friends, and sharing a laugh.

A World Traveler’s Dream

Jasmine’s wanderlust is evident as she talks about her travels. Expressing a desire to explore less conventional destinations like Iceland, Greenland, and Asia. Her travel aspirations go beyond standard vacations, seeking immersive cultural experiences that contribute to her personal development and understanding of the world.

“There are a lot of places. I mean, they’re the places I’ve lived and worked, but it wasn’t really a holiday. I really want to go to Iceland, Greenland, and Asia!”

Childhood dreams

Looking back, Jasmine reminisces about her childhood dreams, “When I was five, I wanted to be Madonna!”

Jasmine’s Philosophy

Jasmine’s life philosophy is captured in her words, “Now or Never!” This motto reflects her approach to life, emphasising the importance of seizing opportunities and taking calculated risks.

“It’s about choosing to do something rather than living with the ‘what if’ regrets.”

Connecting Beyond Words

Through her international experiences, Jasmine has learned the importance of empathy in communication.

Emotions speak the same language in any country! it doesn’t matter where you’re from, who you are, emotions speak the same language. And that’s what I learned as a teacher, where students, irrespective of the country – be it the Middle East, America, or Europe – shared similar challenges and joys.”

Practical tips to balance personal and professional…

Jasmine stresses the significance of introspection in personal development. She is suggesting practices like journaling and reflective exercises as methods for gaining deeper self-awareness and emotional insight.

“Everything comes back to the relationship we have with ourselves. If you don’t have a healthy relationship with yourself, you won’t have a healthy relationship with your job, with your partner, with your family… So, everything comes back to that. So again, it’s about working on yourself!

When it comes to achieving work-life balance, establishing robust boundaries both with ourselves and others is key. Whether you tend to be a people pleaser, or maybe you think you’re not enough, constantly pushing yourself to do more, can lead to exhaustion.

As an initial step, consider practices like journaling, writing down how you’re feeling.”

Final Thoughts…

Jasmine’s story is not merely a tale of overcoming adversity but an inspiring journey of emotional enrichment, growth, and a commitment to empowering others. Her experiences from personal grief to becoming an advocate for emotional well-being highlight the profound capacity for change and positive impact inherent in the human spirit.

Did you know? You can explore Jasmine’s insightful perspectives and practical wisdom on her YouTube channel, plus she also runs an enlightening LinkedIn Live series, where her wealth of experiences comes to life every Wednesday! She’s interviewing Manning Global’s Digital Marketing Expert Matthew Elliott on Wednesday 21st February, 3pm CET. Full details will be on our LinkedIn page in 2024!

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