Happy Higher Education Day

Today, Thursday 6th June 2024, let’s celebrate the transformative power of higher education and the incredible educators who inspire us along the way. Here are some insights from industry leaders to fuel your educational journey!

Todd Cherches, an Leadership & Executive Coach, imparts his expertise from teaching at NYU and Columbia University, focusing on leadership through visual thinking:

“The way I incorporate visual thinking and visual communication techniques into my teaching helps my students to better “see” what I’m saying and understand the material, while, at the same time, allowing them to experience this methodology and approach firsthand.

The various methods I use include highly visual and well-designed slides, props, demonstrations, drawing exercises, gamification, puzzles, brainteasers, metaphors and analogies, mental models and frameworks, visual storytelling, humour, and more. 

As many of my students are international students where English is not their first language, these visual and experiential techniques cut across language and cultural barriers to create understanding, as well as allowing all students to “see” the world through a new lens… and “envision” themselves as leaders of the future.”

Matthew & Joseph Moheban, Founders of 220 Leadership, share some insightful thoughts:

“People are going to require a lot more education than a 4-year degree (or even a masters or PHD). As life expectancy continues to increase (according to Axios, the person that will live to 150 has already been born), people will start preparing for a 100-year career.

I think this has the potential to completely change the structure of our education system, and will place a lot more emphasis on people taking charge of their own learning throughout their life.

Even if you get a traditional degree, you will need to consistently go back to school or take certified online classes to stay up to date on knowledge and skills because of how quickly artificial intelligence will change what’s required to be successful.

Because many of the hard skills people go to college to develop will be automated away, the importance of having skills like leadership, communication, problem-solving, rational judgment, and creativity is only going to increase.”

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